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A struggling magician, battling alcoholism, an abusive father, and a dangerous boss, must choose between the woman he loves or maintaining the purity of his dying art.

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“Moving on the path towards self-perfection and project resolution; one is but hindered only by the free will of the human mind. An incomplete initial thought poses a lengthy bout with uncertainty. Productive planning is a necessary key element when projecting your soul force represented in a visual medium. Filmmaking: one of the grandest examples of cooperative human effort.”

Demetrius Feaster EBM


Legend Film Labs





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    Sound Devices 788t
    Sound Devices 744t
    Zoom H4N
    Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic
    Rode NTG3 shotgun mic
    Cub boundary mic
    Ktek boom pole
    Gitzo boom pole
    (1) Lectrosonics SRA5P wireless
    (2) Lectrosonics 411a wireless
    (1) Lectrosonics 211 wireless
    (2) Lectrosonics 100 wireless
    (1) Lectrosonics IFB4 Transmitter
    (3) Lectrosonics R1a Receivers
    Denecke time code slate
    Sony headphones
    Petrol bag
    Nemo, BNC, LXR cable


    1. I’m a Comedian out of Dayton Ohio, an in search for New levels of my journey to achieve unlimited level hoping to become a actor with following of stand up. maybe we can connect in your film industry in any shape form or fashion.


  2. I’m available if you need an Assistant Prop person or Craft Service Assistant. Thank you.
    Eddy Allgood
    Edward B. Allgood
    IATSE #479 member
    Phone: 404-408-5096
    Job Objective
    Film or TV Craft Service Assistant
    Assistant Props person, Set Dresser, Scenic Artist
    • 28 years of Stagehand (Props) and Art/Graphics experience
    • B.A. ,Art, University of West Georgia
    •Film “Invasion U.S.A.”, Craft Service
    •Film “One Terrific Guy”, Craft Service
    •TV Pilot “The Surgeon General,” 2nd Asst. Prop
    •Film “The 5th Wave”, Craft Service Assistant
    Work History
    Theatrical Stagehand:
    Fox Theatre, Cobb Energy Centre,
    Atlanta Civic Center, Ferst Centre, Alliance Theatre
    • Props person & Scenic Artist on events such as Broadway shows,
    ballets, operas, industrial, corporate & talent shows.
    Artist/Graphic Applications:
    Six Flags Over Georgia,
    • Proofreading of signs & banner content
    • Created, constructed and painted signs & artwork
    Graphic Applications/Sales Representative:
    Custom Signs Today
    • Worked with public through phone, e-mail & store contact
    • Created, designed & installed signs, banners, etc. for clients
    Graphic Artist:
    Design South,
    • Performed graphic services for major corporations & 1996 Olympics
    Illustrator & Graphic Shop Supervisor:
    Federal Govt., Fort Benning
    • Created original artwork & graphics for signage & documents
    • Supervised & assisted military personnel in creating visual training documents/graphics
    • Proofread military & government documents
    University of West Georgia
    Bachelor of Arts; Major: Art


  3. I am a local actor here in Atlanta and I wanted to know what is your process and what projects do you have coming up I would like to audition


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