the course of Legend Film Labs…

The course of LEGEND FILM LABS

Creating partnerships is essential in the success of developing custom content using the visual medium. Legend Film Labs is shaping and positioning itself to be one of Atlanta’s premier independent production and brand creation companies. Our focus is to create content that is uniquely driven by the demographics that it is aimed towards. We are creating a better viewing experience for our developing viewership. With each project and new client that we encounter, we are improving ourselves in the way we create. We have eight film projects that will be developed over the next 18 months. Even before finishing or even starting these projects, We focused on the process of distribution and the best way to obtain a better foothold when releasing our content. We would like to commend ourselves on our ability to service the customer’s needs when embarking on creating content that requires vision. We focus on quality, finance as well as distribution throughout the entire process of each project we began work on. Our reputation in Atlanta is growing along with our reach with the acting community. Our experience has improved as we become more versatile with the many different types of equipment available to the digital filmmaker today. We admire the traditional process of making movies on actual film stock, but focused mainly on cultivating content digitally as it saves the company steps when providing deliverables to our clients. We are quietly growing in reach and with associations. We understand and follow the technology that governs our industry on a daily basis. We have a strong core of intelligent and extremely experienced filmmakers dedicated to the big picture of creating renewable monetized intellectual properties. We have a young industry talent as well as seasons managers that help us reach all of our deadlines. We have short and long-term goals that run concurrent with project and company objectives.





Report Card: Starship Troopers

love this movie!!!

Sci-fi interfaces

Starship Troopers is an unlikely movie to have come out of the 1990s. Director Paul Verhoeven says that it got made because it was a high-turnover time at Sony, and the script just got shooed along as studio leads paraded in and out. The irony, hyperbole, and critique of American neocons as fascist warmongers was all in the script from the beginning. Had anyone looked at the script or the dailies, he says, it might not have been made. That’s probably why I like this movie so much, in that it’s a criticism of hawkishness and the culture that gives rise to it.

But despite that soft spot that I have for it, I’m here to rate the interfaces, and in that regard, it is lucky I don’t send it to the brig.


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Communications with Sally

Sci-fi interfaces


While Vika and Jack are conducting their missions on the ground, Sally is their main point of contact in orbital TET command. Vika and Sally communicate through a video feed located in the top left corner of the TETVision screen. There is no camera visible in the film, but it is made obvious that Sally can see Vika and at one point Jack as well.


The controls for the communications feed are located in the bottom left corner of the TETVision screen. There are only two controls, one for command and one for Jack. The interaction is pretty standard—tap to enable, tap again to disable. It can be assumed that conferencing is possible, although certain scenes in the film indicate that this has never taken place.


Upon first connecting with Sally each morning, Vika uploads data to the TET by using a two-finger gesture to drag the information up to…

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