the course of Legend Film Labs…

The course of LEGEND FILM LABS Creating partnerships is essential in the success of developing custom content using the visual medium. Legend Film Labs is shaping and positioning itself to be one of Atlanta’s premier independent production and brand creation companies. Our focus is to create content that is uniquely driven by the demographics that […]

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Report Card: Starship Troopers

love this movie!!! Sci-fi interfaces Starship Troopers is an unlikely movie to have come out of the 1990s. Director Paul Verhoeven says that it got made because it was a high-turnover time at Sony, and the script just got shooed along as studio leads paraded in and out. The irony, hyperbole, and critique of American neocons as fascist warmongers was all in […]

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Communications with Sally

Sci-fi interfaces While Vika and Jack are conducting their missions on the ground, Sally is their main point of contact in orbital TET command. Vika and Sally communicate through a video feed located in the top left corner of the TETVision screen. There is no camera visible in the film, but it is made obvious […]

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