My name is Demetrius “Neb” Feaster Sr. I am a filmmaker living in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in shooting commercials, music videos, documentaries, web series television shows and independent films.

In the ’90s, I lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, and attended high school. My teacher gave us a project to create a commercial. Upon completion,  he said that I did exceptional and that I should be doing this for a living. That is when I began taking an interest in visual media and decided to make this a career. I started producing independent music television shows  in Springfield and neighboring cities in Massachusetts.



I moved to Atlanta during the ’96 Olympics. While here,  I shot major projects in and around the city such as  news segments and  documentaries. I also traveled along the southeast, northeast and midwest on an independent music tour. Currently, I shot music videos in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

With advancements in technology, I decided to attend Full Sail University and gain my  Bachelor of Science  degree in Digital Cinematography. This allowed me to deepen my client base and work with celebrities through out Atlanta.  

My greatest support comes from my family; my wife, mother, twin daughters and 7 year old son. Thankfully Atlanta  has became the new “Hollywood” where there is a multitude of  opportunity for a professional filmmaker who dreams of one day getting an Oscar in film.